Rally Point Wines is not about us (Kate & Tim), it is about making a difference, raising awareness, and really connecting with people.

It is about all of us, the collective “us,” recognizing the sacrifices of our service members and their families; finding information for military issues; assisting and donating to organizations that support our veterans and their families; and helping to make a difference in the lives of others in need. One bottle at a time will make that possible.

We will endeavor to give you wines of the highest quality and value so that, in addition to feeling good about helping others, the wines will exceed your expectations.

It is with gratitude that we bring you Rally Point Wines.

Kate & Tim


Do you have a vineyard? No. We source our grapes from various vineyards and producers, but all are in the Mendocino, Sonoma, or Napa Valley.

Is this your full-time job? No. We plan for it to always be a side project. There is an ongoing joke, “The best way to make $1 Million in the wine industry is to start with $10 million.” The majority of small wineries and vineyards have one or two owners working full-time to “pay the bills.”

Where is your tasting room? We don’t have one right now. If you call we can set up a tasting party at your home, work, or possibly at one of our growers locations where we had a Pinot and Pizza party.


Where can I buy your wine? We are primarily direct to consumer with the majority of sales on our website. However we are carried at a mixture of a few restaurants, a grocery store, and a tasting room:

Big John’s MarketHealdsburg, CA – 2013 Pinot Noir

Healdsburg Bar and GrillHealdsburg, CA – 2013 Chardonnay

ConcettaModesto, CA

Bacchus & VenusSausalito, CA – 2013 Chardonnay

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