We love our logo. Its has a multitude of meanings for us. We worked with Bill and Kirk of Brandmade to come up with this work of art. Designing for yourself, your own business, is one of the hardest things to do in the world of design. Over multiple visits and several hours of discussion we were able to boil down our thoughts and desires about Rally Point. Tim and I went through several books of wine labels and logos and rallypoint_logoselected our favorites. We were both drawn to clean higher contrast graphics. Though conceptually we preferred organic and natural symbology, we knew we did not want landscapes or detailed drawings. We wanted something that was simple, could easily be replicated in a stamp or embroidered, and could stand alone and still be recognizable.

The star in the “O” of “Point” is a nod to the American flag and patriotism in general. Though we didn’t want to be in-your-face about Army, patriotism, or veterans we think the star is a perfect subtle addition.

Our double rings addresses so many aspects of what we wanted and more. When we first saw it at Brandmade’s office we knew that was the one. For the married women in the house, it was like finding your wedding dress. The circle represents an objective. The two concentric circles represent the two of us together sharing a common objective. Since we are both first borns and have type A personalities there is a disagreement on who has the bigger ring. The wine stain is a nod to the wine itself. I have long been partial to circles whether it be celestial bodies, bubbles, polka dots, or an abstract design. For me they represent mother nature, earth, the circle of life. I also see my camera lens looking back at me and all that I experience through that lens. Bill knew I liked circles. They did an awesome job.

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