With over 10 years of military service, nearly 10 years of wine industry experience, along with a passion for wine, it is my desire that together we can make a difference through wine.

I am Tim Burgess, and one-half of Rally Point Wines. Yes, I am the “Trophy Husband,” which is a self-proclamation, but is just fun to say.

My Military Service

  • Enlisted Basic & Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Jackson, SC, as a Legal Specialist–1994
  • Airborne School at Ft. Benning, GA–June 1994
  • Assigned to Ft. Bragg, NC at Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, XVIII Airborne Corps–Aug 94 to Aug 96
  • Earned Army Green-to-Gold Scholarship for ROTC at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC–Aug 96
  • Campbell ROTC is ranked one of the top programs in the country year after year.
  • Graduated from ROTC Advanced Camp at Ft. Lewis, WA–1998
  • Graduate from CU with BS in Social Science/Government, commissioned as an Army 2nd Lieutenant of the Infantry
  • Assigned to ROTC Advanced Camp, Land Navigation team, at Ft. Lewis, WA, to train ROTC
  • Assigned to Ft Benning, GA, graduate Infantry Officer Basic, Bradley Leader, and Infantry Mortar Leader coursesAug 98 to Jul 99
  • Assigned to 3-25 Infantry, 3 ID, at Ft. Stewart, GA–Aug 99 to Feb 02
  • 3rd Platoon leader, B Co
  • Deployed to NTC–Nov & Dec 99
  • Mortar Platoon Leader, HHC, 3-15 IN
  • Assigned as Fort Apache Mayor in Bosnia-Herzegovina – Sep 00 to Mar 01
  • Executive Officer, C Co – Apr 01 to Dec 01
  • Graduate Infantry Officer Advanced Course – Feb 01 to Jul 01
  • Graduate Combine Arms Services Staff School – Jul to Sep 01
  • Assigned to Ft Benning, GA – Sep 01 to Apr 02
  • Assigned to G3 Current Ops, XVIII Airborne Corps HQ – Apr 02 to Apr 03
  • ETS from Ft. Bragg, NC – May 03
  • IRR recall notification on 2 May 08
  • Mailed my “Resign my Commission” notification – Mon, 28 Apr 08
  • Recall orders cut by Army – Tue, 29 Apr 08
  • Resignation received by Army – Wed, 30 Apr 08
  • Recall orders mailed by Army & my resignation denied– Thu, 1 May 08
  • Recall orders received – Fri, 2 May 08
  • Report to Ft. Benning, GA – 3 Aug 08
  • Assigned to 100-442 IN and report to Ft. Hood, TX – 29 Aug 08
  • Graduate US Army EWO course at Ft. Huachuca, AZ – Oct 08
  • Assigned to Camp Virginia, Kuwait – Oct 08 – Aug 09

I did not come from a family that has always had wine at the table, in fact, I don’t think we ever had wine at the table, nor did I come from a family that owned a vineyard or winery. That was not something a family in Southeast Iowa did. For me, the journey has been a rather subtle interest in wines beginning in 2007 that has turned into a passion, or maybe a kind of obsession. That first year, my exposure to Sonoma and Napa County wines began when I worked for Gallo’s Sonoma facility in Healdsburg. I was mostly clueless, and my first harvest was a large learning curve, but while writing all the winery’s standard operating procedures, I managed to learn a lot.


A photo of me while deployed to Kuwait.
Holding the boys when they were about 3 months old.
Out for a wonderful Sonoma County bike ride.

Following my IRR Recall one-year deployment to Kuwait, I came back to Sonoma County with a desire to immerse myself in wine. I had a role as a Purchasing Manager and eventually as a Category Manager of Raw Materials where my responsibility was sourcing all of the winemaking material for the largest winery in the World; it was a win-win for me, in order to do my job well it was important that I know the winemaking process and material used, but I loved that learning. Plus, I was able to do an amazing amount of wine tastings, sounds awful, right? I was buying millions of pounds of Tartaric Acid, thousands of wine barrels, pallets of yeast, and for the vineyards, I would buy vines, and tractors, just to name a few things.

Starting in 2009, with friends, I made a few vintages of wine in the garage, and when in 2013 I made two barrels of wine from nearly a ton of fruit, that is when I started to see things differently, see the possibility, and really follow a passion. I loved working with my hands, and all phases of the winemaking process, seeing the transformation from grape to wine. Tasting wine and trying to develop my palate has been a wonderful voyage. I have enjoyed many self-organized tastings of many Gallo and local wines from my personal cellar-stash; the exploration of varietals, regions, and style is a great education, and is fantastic fun!

Random things about me: I love riding my bikes! In general, I love being outdoors running, hiking or just walking. If I can’t be outdoors, then I enjoy reading. Listening to music is a large part of all that I do, and would be lost if I didn’t have that. Grilling pizza, and Thai food are probably my two favorite foods. I enjoy coffee, lattes, and am happy to share my Nespresso machine with all guests.  I love to laugh, have fun, cut-up, and especially spend time with friends enjoying each others company.

Lastly, I must mention that we have three amazing kids! They have constantly deprived us of sleep, made a lot of messes, and are rarely quiet, but their endless energy, wonderment of the world, and sweetness continually remind us of the gifts that they truly are. We love them!