We rally around veterans and their causes. We are veterans. Our family and friends are veterans, and we empathize with our fellow citizens whose service to this nation cost them in ways and quantities that words cannot explain. It is a natural fit for us. It may not be a natural fit for you, and that is okay. There are so many people, animals, and things out there that need support; find one that touches you, your interests, or your family and friends. There are the poor, the hungry, children, racial inequality, domestic violence, drug addictions, animal abuse, and third world countries where a $20 loan can change a whole family’s future.

Kate has a dear friend with MS and another whose child has severe autism; we’ve lost a grandparent, aunt, and an uncle to cancer; we are disgusted when animals are abused and neglected; we hate seeing litter everywhere, and the list goes on and on.

Every bottle of wine purchased immediately supports two veterans, their family, and many others indirectly. What is your RP? Write and tell us about it.

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