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Wahoo! Wine Enthusiast Rated our wines! As with nearly everything, whether something is good or not is a personal and subjective decision. Within each varietal there are different “styles” that bring out certain characteristics of the grapes. For example, many people love a really oaky Chardonnay, and others prefer a lighter oak and more balanced like ours. In some ways it might pay to work backwards. Once you have a wine you really like, find the person that rated it highest, and maybe at least in the varietal and style you may have similar tastes. Then of course there is added complication that wines do change slightly over time and peak at different times. By all accounts we can safely say all of our wines are really good. You will just have to try them to see which one you like the best.

90 POINTS 2013 Limited Production Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley)
A trove of wild strawberry wraps around a concentration of full-bodied smoothness in this deep and brooding wine marked by a juicy core and plenty of length on the finish.
89 POINTS 2013 Limited Production Marsanne-Roussanne (Sonoma Valley)
A 50-50 split of the two varieties, there’s a lot to like in this wine, from its opening steely aromas to its surprisingly robust body of apricot and pineapple, with a crisp floral aspect keeping it balanced on the palate. A curious suggestion of marshmallow closes things out.
88 POINTS 2013 Limited Production Chardonnay (Russian River Valley)
Dark hay in color with a concentration of oak on the nose, the palate retains that richness of nutty almond and apple pie, finding a balance that betrays the heavier implications of the initial aromas. On the finish it offers a lightness of being, as well as a touch of perfume.
85 POINTS 2013 Limited Production Viognier (Sonoma Valley)
A 100% varietal wine, on the nose this suggests a pungency of French bread, which doesn’t open up for much else aromatically. On the medium-bodied palate, expect a mix of viscous honey and baked peach.

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