TED TALK: Our lonely society makes it hard for veterans to come home.

Tim and I are big fans of TED Talks. Great talks about information, inspiration, and entertainment in a small digestible video of usually 8-13 minutes. Here is one posted this week from Sebastian Junger, the author of “The Perfect Storm” and the director of the documentaries “Restrepo” and “Korengal,” his experiences with the military has led him to become an advocate for veterans. In this talk he makes a good point about the difficulties of our modern society.

I hope you take 13 minutes out of your day to listen.

UPDATE: After I posted this I got to think about Junger’s message. You may know that I graduated from West Point, United States Military Academy. I use to have a recurring nightmare that I was late for class, or late for formation. No matter what I did I couldn’t make it there on time. I would awake stressed and tired. One day after having one of these dreams I decided to make a post on my class board on Facebook. I spoke about my recurring dreams and asked if anyone else had similar experiences. I think there were roughly 70 different comments (and a lot of “likes”) of others admitting they had similar dreams or telling of their unique version. One of my classmates that had since got a degree in psychology (and happened to be my plebe roommate) said that we were all suffering from various degrees of PTSD. Note: there were severe consequences to being late. Since I made that post and realized that a significant part of my class had similarly recurring disturbing dreams, my “running late” dreams have not returned, and has been about a year now. I definitely think there is something to be said about knowing you are not alone and that there are others in your community that truly “get you.”